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 1. How long has In Blossom been renting and operating Chocolate Fountains?
We were one of the first Chocolate Fountain Companies throughout the Greater Boston Area, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  For more than 13 years, we've been delighting chocolate lovers young and old with our delicious warm flowing chocolate.  In Blossom is “Vendor of Choice” at many leading hotels, country clubs and banquet facilities in the area.  

2. At what type of events can one use the Chocolate Fountain?

Answer:  The Chocolate Fountain may be utilized for any type of Special Event, whether it is a Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Sweet Sixteen Party, Graduation, Prom, Golf Tournament, Fund Raiser or Corporate Event.  Regardless of the occasion, the Chocolate Fountain will be a guaranteed hit and is sure to amaze the crowd.

3. What is included in the In Blossom basic rental fee?
  With every Chocolate Fountain Rental, we will provide the following: 
• Delivery of the Chocolate Fountain within a 50-mile driving distance from Boston 
• Set up and table preparation 
• Qualified, properly attired attendant on site 
• Operation of the Chocolate Fountain for 3.0 hours 
• Tear down & cleaning of the Chocolate Fountain 
• Up to 25 pounds of dark, milk or white chocolate which serves 200-300 people 
• Bamboo skewers 
• Cocktail napkins (if requested) 
• Disposable plates (if requested 
• Elegant platters and serving trays for dipping delights (if requested) 
• Beautiful presentation of your Chocolate Fountain

4. Are dipping items/accompaniments included in the basic rental fee?
 Our base price does not include fruit or pastry dipping items.  In most instances, the hotel, banquet facility or caterers prefer to supply them.  However, we would be pleased to provide several dipping item packages.

5. What additional optional expenses are not included in our basic rental fee?

 The following additional items are optional: 
• Charge of $1.00 per mile is required for events outside the 50-mile driving range
• $100 Summer (May 1st – September 30th) travel charge to the Cape 
• Additional chocolate: $00 per 10 Pounds 
• Additional time booked at contract signing: $37.50 per half hour

6. What kind of chocolate is used in the Chocolate Fountain?
Answer:  We include up to 25 pounds of Premium Semi-Sweet Dark, Milk or White Chocolate.  Belgian chocolate is also available at an additional cost. Colored Chocolate is also available.

7. How many people does each Fountain serve?

  Our medium sized 29-inch Fountains have been utilized for intimate gatherings with as few as 30 guests, up to large events of over 500 guests.  Additional chocolate may be added as needed throughout the event.

8. What sort of items may be dipped in the Chocolate Fountain?
  The most popular dipping items include: strawberries, bananas, pineapple chunks and other fruits, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, Oreo or other hard cookies, pizzelles, and anything edible that goes with chocolate.  Other items that enjoyed are pound cake, brownies, Rice Crispy Squares and caramels.

9. Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outdoors?

Answer:  Yes, it can be used outside, but the Fountain should be kept close to a building, for protection, or better yet, with some sort of tent/canopy over the Fountain.

10. What is the function of the Attendant?

Answer:  In Blossom’s Attendants help to prevent double-dipping; respond to guests’ questions; show guests how and where to dip; will replenish dipping items, and will keep the Chocolate Fountain table tidy.