About us


Michael and Elissa Adler are the proud owners of The Chocolate Fountain from In Blossom

Having moved to Newton, MA from Toronto, Canada, in October 2000 to be closer to his future wife Elissa, Michael brought with him a passion for creative writing, a love of nature, dogs, the outdoors and healthy, nutritious food.  As the son of a Swiss mother, Michael inherited a love for good European chocolate, which would soon flow perfectly into their chocolate fountain business!  In 1993, Elissa moved to Boston to earn an MA in Creative Writing from Emerson University.  Tired of the noisy, hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Elissa decided to remain and settle in Boston.  But having grown up in NY, Elissa acquired a sophisticated taste for culinary delights, planning and organizing events and she inherited an astute business mind from her mom who worked in the financial world and high standards of professionalism from her dad who was employed in wholesale and retail business management.

In 2001, Elissa’s mom introduced the couple to an exceptional business opportunity which resonated with Michael’s appreciation for tropical plants and the natural world, and with Elissa’s broad business experience, and this marked the birth of In Blossom.  For more than 14 years, the business took shape with its roots as an interior landscaping company offering tropical plant services in hotels and commercial spaces, a retail floral shop and garden center in Waltham, as well as plant/tree rentals for special events.  The Adlers still maintain some of their commercial clients, but in 2013-14 phased out the retail shop and plant rentals and now focus primarily on their chocolate fountains.

Their introduction to a the chocolaty World of Willy Wonka began shortly after in 2003, when the couple bought their first chocolate fountain at a hotel and restaurant show, where In Blossom was an exhibitor.  As one of the first chocolate fountain suppliers in Boston, they began promoting this unique new amenity and their fountains became increasingly popular for social gatherings of all types.  In fact, on their most chocolate-filled day, they and their attendants served eight fountains including a political convention at the Boston Convention Center with more than 5,000 guests in attendance.

Year after year, guests are always mesmerized by the enticing aroma of chocolate as they enter the room. Delicious chocolate cascades from their chocolate fountains for all to dip strawberries and an array of delectable delight into the warm flowing chocolate.  Unique and elegant, it is a memorable showpiece for weddings, business gatherings and any virtually special occasion.

For more than 15 years, Michael and Elissa’s dedication to providing quality chocolate, attentive customer service as well as a commitment to customer satisfaction, constitute the foundation of their success.  Providing their chocolate fountains has allowed them to attend countless more milestone events and joyful gatherings than most.  But best of all, chocolate always makes people smile and if you ask the Adlers, chocolate still makes the world go round!